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The Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba (ADSPM) would like to unite the voices of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in the province, in hopes of raising awareness and the professional standing of all the people who provide quality supports and services to individuals living with disabilities.


We envision a provincially unified voice of DSPs, upholding the highest standards and ethical practices in supporting individuals living with disabilities.


We will work towards a qualified and fairly compensated workforce that upholds professional standards, provides networking opportunities, and enhances the status of DSPs.

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals who perform many different roles in support of individuals living with disabilities so that they may achieve their best quality of life. We all share the same passions and values. We recognize that individuals needing support are more likely to fulfill their life dreams if they have motivated, well-trained people at their side and are in compatible, long-term relationships.

Main Objectives

  • To provide DSPs a unified voice
  • To educate the public and raise awareness of DSPs in Manitoba
  • To promote DSP, agency, government and public accountability
  • To formulate and promote professional standards
  • To lobby for the services DSPs provide to be adequately and appropriately funded